Our Company History

Who We Are

Get my loan Canada is growing fast in the automobile finance and leasing industry. We hired local professionals with a great knowledge about the car industry and financing. We are operating as an on line based company so we can service all Canadian provinces. We have a network of dealers and lenders who help us complete all transaction smooth and securely.

What We Offer

We offer loans for automobiles, motorcycles, boats, jet skies, mobile homes and etc... Leasing and financing programs are available for personal and commercial use.We do credit checks through equifax and transunion before applying for loans, this helps us to know your credit situation and target the proper lender. Get my loan Canada staff will also give you tips and recommendations to help you increase your credit score. We offer a range of programs for Students, First time buyers, Student visa and Work visa applicants. We can help you get a loan regardless of your past credit issues,such as late payments, previous reposition, Bankruptcy and Consumer proposal.

How it Works

1. Choose your product: cars,bikes,boats,mobile home
2. Choose your budget and Complete the application
3. After completing the application you will receive a phone call from one of our loan experts
4. Choose you loan
5. Choose your car


Do you qualify?

· Bad credit/no credit; Bankruptcy or consumer proposal
· New the country/social 9; Government assistance
· Receiving Proceeds or grants from government
· Divorced or in a divorce process
· 18 years or older
· Have a valid government ID

Over all Mission

At Get My Loan Canada, we understand that having bad credit doesn’t make you a bad person, and we know that rebuilding your credit rating is extremely hard. We’re here to help. Get my Loan Canada can take applicants from all provinces of Canada.

We specialize in providing loans to people with poor credit. If you have poor credit, a bankruptcy, or are a new immigrant or social 9 applicants, we can still help you. If you are receiving any incentives or social help from the government you can be eligible for a car loan. Bad credit or no credit, or on disability, you deserve to be treated with respect. At get my loan Canada We’ll do that.

When you fill out a credit application, we’ll assign a loan expert from a reputable dealership to review your credit history. We’ll also give credit counseling so you can take advantage of every possible strategy to get your credit back where it should be. Get my loan Canada consists of a team of car enthusiasts who have experience on the sales floor and the dealer auction. Our team specializes in loans that might be very challenging and difficult to process. We take pride in approving clients who have been turned down time after time for car loans.

We can arrange for you to have access to our dealer partner inventories and access to dealer auctions where you can buy cars at wholesale prices.

Get my loan Canada has access to a network of prime and sub prime lenders. This network includes some of the biggest names in consumer lending business, (Carfinco, Trend Financial, TD Auto Finance, RBC Bank, Scotia Dealer Advantage, BMO, Desjardins, National Bank, Industrial Alliance and more).

We are uniquely situated to help you get your financial life back on track. Whether you’re looking for a new vehicle or looking to refinance a current loan, we can help. We can even help you end a lease on a vehicle.

You deserve better, and you can make it happen, but only by doing something about it. Get things started by giving us a call today.

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