Frequently Asked Questions

Because is not a referral based company. We are a licensed automobile dealership with access to over 25 lenders including : Td auto finance, Rbc auto loans, Bmo auto finance, General bank of Canada, Scotia bank, Desjardins auto finance, National bank and etc..
Simply fill out the credit application on our page and expect to be contacted from on of our loan experts within a few hours.
Our loan experts will contact you and introduce them selfs. They may ask you a few questions to have a better understanding about your loan request. The next step would be applying for a car loan and providing you with possible financing or leasing options.
Choosing a car will be based on the approved amount and conditions which you have been approved for. There are three way of choosing a car: from our in house certified pre-owned inventory 2.Select from any dealership or private sale. There will be an inspection fee from get my loan Canada since the inventory is not purchased by our wholesale purchasers.This is to insure the vehicle you have chosen is safe by government safety standards. 3.Select a vehicle from dealer auctions in Canada,
After applying for a loan, usually within 24 hours we will provide your financing options. The next step will be for the lender to verify all information like Income verification.after all information is verified you will be signing all the agreement and contract with our loan experts. If you vehicle is ready for delivery you can be on your way after after providing proof of insurance. This process from start to finish could take anywhere from 2 to 5 days.
There are lenders who cater to any type of credit situations. Based on your credit history you may have to provide a downpayment or a co-signer. Also lenders may approve you loan based on a lower amount than you requested. Our staff will help you choose the lender who will offer you the best rate and payment options.
If you have been actively paying your high interest auto loan for more than six months, and not missed a payment or been late, you may have improved your credit score and rating. This may allow you to receive a lower interest rate from a different lender or a bank. We can apply for a lower interest rate which may qualify you for a lower interest loan to help reduce your monthly payments.
We can help you finance motorcycles which are 2006 and newer. These loans can be arranged through banks and private lenders. The minimum since amount for motorcycles are $4500 and more.
Marine product can be finance based on minimum price of $5000 or more. Every boat has to be accepted by the lender base on their financing guide line. Typically marine product can be financed at longer term than automobiles.
we can finance mobile homes or Rv's for extended terms. They have to be 2006 or newer to qualify for financing.
Most banks allow clients to sign the agreement for loans at their local branches, if the client is approved with a private lender they will be refer to one of our dealer partners in their home province to complete the transaction.
We recommend Extended warranty for any used vehicle. Specially when lenders allow clients to include a warranty plan with a vehicle finance. Some approval require a mandatory warranty to secure the loan and reduce the risk of defaulting on loan due to vehicles braking down. Ask ou staff for you extended warranty options and prices.
overtime you request to finance a vehicle there will be credit check done by lenders and banks. This may cause a reduction of your credit score if you are not approved. Applying over and over harms and decreased your chances of getting approve for a loan. Once you apply with we will perform a credit check and share your equinox with the lender which we have chosen. This way there will not be multiple inquires on your eqiuofax.

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