Credit application

Start by filling out the credit application.
Once you application has been confirmed, we will send you a message to your email account.


Contact with advisor

You will be contacted by a loan advisor to address all your concerns and answer all your questions.


Approval process

Car loan approval options will be presented to you, based on your provided needs and requirements.


Vehicle selection

Final step will be a vehicle selection process. You will be presented with options from SUV, cars, pickup trucks and vans. Select a vehicle from huge inventories by our dealer partners or direct vehicle auctions. Over 3000 vehicles are available on a daily basis. 


Vehicle pick-up/Delivery

Depending on your situation, we can have a door to door delivery of a vehicle* or a pick-up in person from a dealer near you.

*Transportation fee may apply.

 Minimum Requirements

Employment & Income

Applicants need to be employed a minimum of 3 months and have a minimum income of $1800 per month. Applicants in retirement may also qualify for car loans. Also some types of government assistance income may be used to obtain a car loan.

Driver's License

All applicants must have a valid driver’s license and be the age of majority in the province that you live in. 

Vehicle Insurance

All financed vehicles will require to be fully insured in order to meet the lenders requirements. Shopping for insurance to obtain the best insurance rate is highly recommended.

Current Address

Applicants must reside at a verifiable address in order to get a car loan.

Getting a car through our loan services is easy, fast and secure. We provide the best terms in industry, great care for our customers and what is most important - we make your dream come true, no matter your credit score. 


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